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The EURREP Team will present its research at the European Population Conference 2014 in Budapest!

Éva Beaujouan

Zuzanna Brzozowska

Anna Matysiak

Anna Matysiak & Tomáš Sobotka

Tomáš Sobotka & Éva Beaujouan

Kryštof Zeman

Tomáš Sobotka at UN Expert Group Meeting

On October 21-22 2013 Tomáš Sobotka participated in Expert Group Meeting on Fertility, Changing Population Trends and Development in New York, organized by the Population Division of the United Nations. He presented a paper on  “Pathways to low fertility: European perspectives”.  Presentation

The Human Fertility Collection is launched!

The Human Fertility Collection, a joint database by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and Vienna Institute of Demography, has been officially launched and presented at the XXVII IUSSP International Population Conference in Busan, Korea, on August 30. The database is freely accessible online at http://www.fertilitydata.org

EURREP in at XXVII IUSSP International Population Conference in Busan

Tomas Sobotka and Eva Beaujouan presented a paper “Exploring long-term changes in fertility differentials by level of education” (co-authored by Zuzanna Brzozowska, Karel Neels and Ron Rindfuss) at the XXVII IUSSP International Population Conference in Busan, Korea, on August 29. The paper sets out a future research agenda on the topic by the EURREP team as well as collaborating researchers outside EURREP. Presentation

Éva Beaujouan and Tomáš Sobotka at the conference “Changing Families and Fertility Choices”

On 7 June 2013 Éva Beaujouan and Tomáš Sobotka presented a paper on “Education and sex differences in intended family size in Europe, 1990s and 2000s” at the conference Changing Families and Fertility Choices in Oslo. This presentation, co-authored by Zuzanna Brzozowska (EURREP) and Karel Neels (University of Antwerp), gave a summary of the first stage of EURREP research on intended family size in Europe. Presentation