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EURREP at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), 29 April – 2 May 2015

Different strands of the EURREP research will be well represented at the upcoming PAA Annual Meeting

Wednesday April 29th

  • 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Human Fertility Database: Expanding research opportunities (Member-initiated meeting, free access). Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront, room Aqua E. Program available here: http://www.humanfertility.org/Docs/PAA.pdf

Thursday April 30

Paper 4: Women’s Education and Cohort Fertility during the Baby Boom in the West • Jan Van Bavel, Martin Klesment, Zuzanna Brzozowska, Allan Puur, David Sven Reher, Miguel Requena, Glenn Sandström, Tomas Sobotka, Kryštof Zeman).

61. The Gender-Specific Effects of Partners’ Socio-Economic Resources on Fertility • Anna Matysiak, Natalie Nitsche.

62. Life-Course Trajectories of Childless Women: Country-Specific or Universal? • Monika Mynarska, Anna Matysiak, Anna Rybinska, Valentina Tocchioni.

Session discussant: Tomas Sobotka

Paper 3: What Are the Consequences of Fertility Postponement for Women’s Completed Family Size? • Juliet A. Stone, Ann M. Berrington, Eva Beaujouan.

Friday May 1

Paper 4: Bimodal Age-Specific Fertility Profiles in Latin America: The Case of Chile and Uruguay Everton E. C. Lima, Kryštof Zeman, Ruben Castro, Mathias Nathan, Tomas Sobotka.

EURREP at the DGD Conference

The EURREP Team will be present at the annual conference of the German Society for Demography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie) in March in Berlin! See the conference programme here.

Tomáš Sobotka and Éva Beaujouan’s article in PDR

Governments in many European countries are concerned about low birth rates, which have dropped well below two children per woman in all but a few countries in Western and Northern Europe. However, according to the results of the comprehensive data analysis by Tomáš Sobotka and Éva Beaujouan the ideal family size has become strongly centered at two children all across the continent during the last three decades.  Read more


Éva Beaujouan presented her and Tomáš Sobotka’s paper “Two is best? The persistence of a Two-child Family Ideal in Europe“ at the PAA in Boston, 1-3 May 2014. Poster

EURREP Research Brief is released!

The first issue of the EURREP Reserach Brief is now put out. The printed version will be available at the EPC in Budapest, 25-28 June. You can read it online here.