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We are very grateful to people and institutions who have greatly contributed to developing the CFE database.

Michaela Potančoková, Wittgenstein Centre, Vienna Institute of Demography

Olga Pötzsch, Statistisches Bundesamt, Wiesbaden

Ivan Čipin, Department of Demography, Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb

Branislav Šprocha, Demographic Research Centre – INFOSTAT, Bratislava

Jiří Vejrych, Czech Statistical Office

Sam Hyun Yoo, Arizona State University

IPUMS-International, Minnesota Population Center

Daniel Devolder, Centre for Demographic Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Stephane Cotter, Swiss Statistics

Marion Burkimsher, University of Lausanne

Everton E.C. Lima, Population Studies Center, University of Campinas