The VID/WIC conference “Education and Reproduction in Low Fertility Settings”

The VID/WIC conference on “Education and Reproduction in Low Fertility Settings”, in part coordinated by the EURREP researchers (T. Sobotka, E. Beaujouan, Z. Brzozowska) is taking place on 2-4 December in Vienna. The conference has brought together more than a hundred of researchers. Besides featuring 30 presentations in eight thematic sessions and 25 poster presentations, the conference includes three invited presentations. A keynote at the conference opening (“Quo vadis familia?“) is given by Gøsta Esping-Andersen, sociologist known especially for his research on welfare state typology and changes in family and gender relations. This keynote is followed by an invited lecture by Wolfgang Lutz (director of the Wittgenstein Centre) on Cognition driven demographic transition. On the second day of the conference, Alicia Adsera, demographer and economist from Princeton University will give the keynote on Education and fertility in the context of rising inequality. Conference programme, which will later include the presentations, is available here . Press release in German covering the conference and the preceding 3rd Generations and Gender Programme User Conference is available here .